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Lamp design

‘Above the Waters’

The salty,cool sea brushes against the weather beaten wood as it bobs gently upon the surface of the almighty ocean. Pores sprinkled throughout the driftwood lend it a levity and grace which allow it to float atop the waves pushing it ever closer to shore. The elegance and ease with which the wood dances above the ocean’s depths contrasts the gnarled, knobby nature of the material itself. Dusted across the exterior of the piece, once of land but now one with the sea, are knots that impart character unto the wood otherwise stripped of its original identity. No bark surrounds the driftwood, having rotted away long-ago, just a stark, smooth surface remains . Paralleling the flicks and curls of ocean waves, the ripples of the lamp shade protectively expand over the gnarled driftwood beneath it. The delicate bowing of the shade and the way in which it balloons bestows a freeing nature to the piece. It seems as though the lamp could float away at any moment, returning to the endless sea from whence it came, though always staying Above the Waters

Isobella McMillen



Lamp design

‘Above the Waters’

Oversized and extravagant lighting is taking center stage with large and sculptural formations and are here to stay.’

My organic sculptured lighting designs help to create relaxed interiors that feel soft, calm and inviting

I try to establish a unique, bespoke design that feels wonderfully eclectic and rich in texture.

‘Ambient lighting allows you to set the mood and change the ambiance in a room”

Increasingly Imaginative lighting statement pieces create a strong presence in any setting

Sculpture lighting consists of a light fixture that is made into a sculptural form of different shapes and designs. A sculptural light fixture is not only a form of art, but it is stands out as being the focal point of any type of room

The lamp has a warm LED  cool candle bulb 4w supplied

Lamp holder type – Brass

Switch type – push

An antique gold coloured cable with a long 240 cm in length

Plug fitting supplied – 13 amp

Postage will be calculated and advised for worldwide postage

There will be a delivery charge within the island of Ireland

Please contact Caroline with any questions regards the postage


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