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Designer Desk Lamp  “A Signature Wave ‘

Beautiful Handmade

The familiar sound of a wave lapping against the sand cuts through the otherwise silent night air. Boats and buoys bob a top the water, anchored to the inky black depths below. The melody created by the wave’s sinuous push-and-pull on the sandy shore and the repetitive, though calming, bouncing of the boats against the swell exude an indescribable energy.

The bright, other worldly moon reflects off the dark and endless sea, competing only with the glow of a lighthouse. With a tower of driftwood and a shade of willow that flows with the dips and curves of the sea-beaten material it encloses, the lighthouse stands strong and constant against the ever-changing tides.

The shadows created by the lighthouse stretch out across the waters, curving and reaching towards the distant horizon. As the tides roll in and out, become high or low, the lighthouse remains protective, calm and serene, always focused on guiding boats to the safety of

A Signature Wave.

Bella McMillen



Designer Desk Lamp

‘A Signature Wave’

Elevate your space with an enchanting blend of art and illumination. ‘A Signature Wave’ is not just a lamp; it’s a captivating lighting sculpture that infuses your surroundings with charm and character.

Crafted with care, I shape the willows using my own energy and intuition, allowing the wood to guide me. The result is a mesmerizing dance of curves that capture the essence of nature’s elegance.

Every dip and curve of the wood is an intentional embrace, enhancing its innate form while bathing your room in a warm, inviting glow. The shadows it casts are a symphony of pure curves, stretching out elegantly and inviting you into their dance.

Engage with a sense of tranquility and serenity as the sculptured lamp emanates its unique aura. This one-of-a-kind design has been carefully created to envelop any room with an ambiance of calmness, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

With a neutral aesthetic, ‘A Signature Wave’ seamlessly blends with any personal style or interior decor. It adapts effortlessly, enhancing your space while showcasing its own timeless beauty.

Experience the magic of ‘A Signature Wave’ and let its organic allure and illuminating presence enchant your surroundings, making every moment a work of art.”

The lamp has a warm LED  vintage candle bulb 4w supplied

Lamp holder type – Brass

Switch type – push

An antique gold coloured cable with a long 240 cm in length

Plug fitting supplied – 13 amp

Postage will be calculated and advised for worldwide postage

There will be a delivery charge within the island of Ireland

Please contact Caroline with any questions regards the postage



Additional information

Dimensions 68 × 38 × 44 cm


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