Nautical style Buoy Lamp


Nautical style Buoy Lamp

Hauling Traps

The splashing of waves and purr of the boat’s motor are the only sounds that breakthrough the early dawn air. While many remain peacefully under the cover of sleep, lobster men greet the gradually rising sun that begins to crest over the horizon. As the shore grows more and more distant, abbey comes into focus, guiding the lobster man through the rugged tides towards the traps waiting patiently on the ocean floor. As the lobster men haul trap after trap from the ocean’s depths, a lone buoy sits miles away upon the rocky shoreline surrounded by gleaming quartz, soft sandstone,and brittle shale. Though no longer an unwavering soldier bobbing against the toil and beauty of the open sea, the buoy ’s weathered exterior hints at its life pent on the swells. Blue,white,and wood tones dance across the buoy’s surface to create a tranquil and elegant piece that transports on eta land of coastal breezes, lapping waves,and rocky coastlines quietly bejeweled with the secrets of the sea. A delicately crafted shade expands over the buoy with a posture of protection. Once a guardian to the precious metal trapped upon the sandy ocean floor, the buoy now remains in an embrace of tranquility and calm.The soothing glow of the lamp as it curls around the shade and over the buoy imparts the spirit of the sea onto any space,leaving a rustic and nautical feel.

A Passage from a wonderful Author in Maine USA

Isobella Mcmillen


Nautical style Buoy Lamp

‘Stonington Shoreline’ Nautical Lamp: A Rustic Coastal Treasure

Step into the coastal charm of the Nautical Style Buoy Lamp, a creation that radiates the essence of the sea. Crafted from an original Stonington Buoy, this lamp is a true embodiment of nautical authenticity.

Behold, a lamp that stands as a solitary masterpiece, truly one of its kind. Its uniqueness is a testament to the singular story it carries and the journey it has embarked upon.

With a neutral palette that effortlessly blends with any personal style or interior décor, the ‘Stonington Shoreline’ Nautical Lamp is a versatile addition to any space. It doesn’t merely illuminate; it transforms, imparting an air of serene coastal tranquility to your surroundings.


The lamp has a warm LED bulb 4w supplied

Lamp holder type – Brass

Switch type – push

An antique gold coloured cable with a long 240 cm in length

Plug fitting supplied – 13 amp


Additional information

Dimensions 41 × 58 cm


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